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Shelley XXXXXX Rivotril (Roche)(UStoUS) 2mg IL, US 2018-03-14 Delivered
Sam XXXXXXXX Ambien (Nitrest) 10mg IL, US Pending
John XXXXXX Ambien (Nitrest) 10mg PA, US 2018-03-20 Approved
Albert X XXXXXX XX Cialis (Vidalista)(UStoUS) 20mg NJ, US 2018-03-16 Declined
Maureena XXXXXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 100mg OK, US 2018-03-20 Shipped
Steve XXXXXXXX Cialis (Vidalista)(UStoUS) 40mg NY, US 2018-03-11 Delivered
Mark X XXXX Xanax (Zolax) 1mg IL, US 2018-03-20 Delivered
Ron XXXXXXXXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 200mg CA, US 2018-03-20 Shipped
Denise XXXXXXXXX Tramadol (Tdol) 200mg NM, US 2018-03-15 Approved
Linda XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX Soma (HAB)(UStoUS) 500mg FL, US 2018-03-20 Shipped
Michele XXXXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 100mg CA, US Pending
Cheryl XXXXXX Valium (Bensedin)(UStoUS) 10mg OR, US 2018-03-11 Delivered
Gary XXXXXXXX Ambien (Nitrest) 10mg OH, US 2018-03-20 Delivered
Leeanna XXXXXX Phentermine (K25)(UStoUS) 37.5mg TX, US Pending
Judy XXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 50mg CA, US 2018-03-20 Approved
Curtis X XXXXXXX Cialis (Vidalista)(UStoUS) 40mg DC, US 2018-03-20 Shipped
Simon XXXXXXXXX Cialis (Vidalista)(UStoUS) 20mg CA, US 2018-03-20 Shipped
William XXXXXXX Valium (Abbott) 10mg OR, US 2018-03-20 Approved
Maureen XXXXX Rivotril (Roche)(UStoUS) 2mg NJ, US 2018-03-20 Shipped
Phyllis X XXXX Ambien (Nitrest) 10mg NY, US 2018-03-13 Shipped
Ron XXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 100mg MD, US 2018-03-14 Delivered
Maureen XXXXX Phentermine (K25)(UStoUS) 37.5mg NJ, US 2018-03-20 Approved
Kathy XXXXX Xanax (Zolax) 1mg WA, US 2018-03-16 Approved
Tina XXXXX Ambien (Nitrest) 10mg VA, US 2018-03-08 Shipped
Elise XXXXXXX Valium (Abbott) 10mg ~~, DK Declined
Sandra XXXXXXXX Xanax (Zolax) 1mg CA, US 2018-03-15 Approved
Thomas XXXXXXX Xanax (Zolax) 1mg GA, US 2018-03-16 Approved
Joe X XXXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 100mg NC, US 2018-03-20 Shipped
Travis X XXXXX Rivotril (Roche)(UStoUS) 2mg CA, US 2018-03-20 Shipped
Jeffrey XXXXXXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 100mg NY, US 2018-03-20 Shipped
Jason XXXXXX Ambien (Nitrest) 10mg NY, US 2018-03-15 Approved
Joe XXXXXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 100mg LA, US 2018-03-20 Shipped
Glen XXXXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 100mg WI, US 2018-03-20 Shipped
K XXXXXXXX XXXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 50mg TX, US 2018-03-20 Approved
mike XXXXX Cialis (Vidalista)(UStoUS) 20mg NC, US 2018-03-14 Delivered
Dale XXXXXXXXX Cialis (Vidalista)(UStoUS) 40mg CO, US 2018-03-13 Delivered
Celina XXXXXXXXXX Ambien (Nitrest) 10mg NY, US 2018-03-20 Shipped
Doug XXXXXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 100mg WA, US 2018-03-20 Shipped
Neil XXXXXXXXXXX Rivotril (Roche)(UStoUS) 2mg GA, US 2018-03-20 Shipped
Seymour XXXXXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 150mg NJ, US 2018-03-20 Shipped
Kerry X XXXXXXXX Rivotril (Roche)(UStoUS) 2mg GA, US 2018-03-13 Delivered
Lincoln XXXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 100mg KS, US 2018-03-14 Delivered
Glenn X XXXXX Viagra (Cenforce)(UStoUS) 200mg HI, US 2018-03-13 Delivered
James XXXXXX Cialis (Vidalista)(UStoUS) 40mg FL, US 2018-03-13 Delivered
HOUSTON X XXXXXX Valium (Roche)(UStoUS) 10mg MO, US 2018-03-11 Delivered
Douglas X XXXXXX Ativan (Pfizer) 2mg FL, US 2018-03-20 Approved
Paula XXXXXXXX Tramadol (HAB)(UStoUS) 100mg GA, US 2018-03-20 Approved
Steven X XXXXXX Cialis (Vidalista)(UStoUS) 40mg MA, US 2018-03-20 Shipped
Jamie XXXXXXXX Xanax (Zolax) 1mg NY, US 2018-03-16 Approved
Ray XXXXXXX Ambien (Nitrest) 10mg PA, US 2018-03-08 Shipped

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